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Canadian Driller Training - Northern College

Our Clients:

Since forming in 1996, Canadian Driller Training Ltd. has worked with small, mid-sized and large companies, colleges and governments from around the world to provide a variety of diamond drilling and industry related courses.

Our certified trainers have provided services to clients including:

Common Core:

The province of Ontario has the only recognized Common Core program for surface and underground diamond driller certification in Canada. It is recocognized by Newfoundland, Manitoba, Saskatkewan, Alberta and British Columbia, the Northerwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavit.

For students to be certified under the Common Core system:

  • they must work under the  supervision of a certified trainer, and
  • complete a set series of tasks at a competent skill level.

Common Core certification increases:First Graduation Class By CDT at NC

  1. the overall employability of the student,
  2. work place knowledge ensuring all tasks are done in a safe manner, and
  3. works towards developing effective skills to work in the diamond drilling industry.

Remember that in today’s market where skilled labour is at a premium, many mining and drilling companies are requiring Common Core certification as a condition for employment.

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Wireline Core Barrel Training:

Being able to identify the parts, components and servicing needs of a diamond drill core barrel is an essential skill.

Knowing how parts function and when they need to be serviced (identification of wear) helps in maintaining an effective and safe worksite.

Learning to solve core barrel problems, such as stuck tubes, helps you reduce down time and avoid expensive repairs.

Mud Training

Basic theory and proper mud mixing. Solving problems such as controlling PH and lost circulation.

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Other Services We Provide

Implementation of Diamond Drill Health and Safety Programs:

At Canadian Driller Training we work with you to put the various health and safety aspects of the Common Core Diamond Drilling program into practice.

Ontario Diamond Drill Common Core Audits:

Experienced drillers and helpers can be audited to make sure they are following all the best practices and guidelines of theOntario’s Common Core program for surface and underground diamond driller program.

Writing of Diamond Drill Procedures:

All companies require written diamond drilling procedures as directed by the Ontario Health and Safety act. With over 40 years of hands on experience in the diamond drilling industry we work with you to meet your needs.

Customized Courses:

Helicopter Training

There are many skills needed for people to learn when entering the diamond drilling industry. Canadian Driller Training Ltd. has the experience todevelop and deliver customized diamond drilling and related industry courses based on your staff, student or community members’ needs.

With over four decades of hands on experience in the diamond drilling industry, we are able to provide you with the skills that are needed to learn the diamond drilling industry in a safe and training focused environment.

Training for Professionals:

Not everyone who needs training to be around diamond drilling equipment is learning to become a driller.

Sometimes, professionals such as sales representatives, geologists and related fields also need to know how to work safely in a diamond drilling environment.

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